Cyndy Lounsbury

    Angels of Distinction


Welcome to my imagination

Cyndy Lounsbury

Boise, Idaho

My hope is to inspire, to prod others to look at everyday objects in new ways, to see potential in broken and played out items.

Used isn’t always used up. Parts missing aren’t always a sign of diminished value but of uniqueness, something to be seen whole as is.

The pieces found in my work, like life, start out as one thing only to become another. As we reinvent ourselves to meet the changing world’s demands, new talents, new perspectives, and new vantage points add to the rich tapestry of our invention. We create a new object, a dance, a song,  a story, or even a path in life.

Take a look through my photo gallery. I am sure you will recognize things that used to be  one thing and are now something else.